1st Battalion Yearbook 1969



In 1969 the 1st Battalion published a yearbook of their activities in Vietnam,
covering a time frame which included part of 1968 and part of 1969.
That yearbook is presented in its entirety on the following pages, in the same order
followed in the original book.

The scans are taken from a copy of the yearbook that belonged to SFC Ernesto Collazo,
who served in D Company 1/22 Infantry 1968-1969. The book was donated in loving memory
of Ernie Collazo by his daughter and son in law, Migdalia and John Prater.

The book is now part of the Regimental collection of the 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry
at Fort Carson, Colorado.



Top photo courtesy of Andy Wysor HHC 1/22 Infantry 1968-1969







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