1st Battalion Iraq June 2008


The following photos are from the Battalion Newsletter, June 2008


1LT Chris Tsao on a patrol with the Iraqi Army in Shulla


PFC Martin shows his youngest fans his progress in the weight room


CPT Olan pays a visit to one of the local schools in the area


PV2 Bosch pulling security from the roof of a building during barrier emplacement


SPC Canada manning the E/FSC radios during his shift


Sapper Platoon conducting vehicle checks with their Iraq Army counterparts


PFC Cesar Morales taking care of a local child's injury during a patrol


C Co Soldiers attend a Catholic Mass given at COP 881 by CH (CPT) Kenneth Nielson


CPL Williams poses with an Iraqi Soldier at the Jihad Reconciliation Hall


MG Hammond awards 1LT Klein a Bronze Star at COP 803


PFC Scott Christensen making friends with crayons


SFC Sutton and SGT Peterson enjoying the local cuisine


CSM Guden, CPT Kennedy, 1SG Cammeron, and LTC Elledge
break for chow at COP 881


SFC Palluso hauling his mail.
Next trip, the rest of the platoon.








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