1st Battalion Iraq April 2008


The following photos are from the 1-22 Infantry Newsletter "Regular Post"



Members of 1st Platoon Bravo Company pose for a quick picture.


Soldiers of Alpha Company take some much needed time off
inbetween missions by e-mailing loved ones back home.


CPT Gavin, C Company Commander, greeting his newest fans.


1LT Staker teaching a few Iraqi children how to do the REGULAR POSE !


Scout Platoon in Kuwait, ready to go.


What do you mean we're going out again ?


CPT Kennedy and 1SGT Cameron promoting SSG Harden and SGT Fabacher


1LT Behler, E Company, drinking chai with some Iraqi soldiers.


SPC Ramirez shows off his hand-made sign for the Forward Aid Station
at JSS Jihad.


Soldiers from E/FSC getting ready for guard mount.
While not the most glamorous job, it is vitally important to each COP and JSS.


CPT Pearson and members of the Mortar Platoon
posing at the crossed sabers in the Green Zone.







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