William J. Gervasio -- Company A -- 1941-1945




Part of Company A photo, Camp Gordon
PVT William Gervasio is circled at right


PVT William Gervasio, circled at right
note all Soldiers are wearing 22nd Infantry Distinctive Insignia
on their garrison caps


Company A Soldiers (from the Company A photograph)
Camp Gordon, GA


Company A barracks, Camp Gordon, GA


PFC William Gervasio, Ft. Benning


William Gervasio
winter uniform


PVT William Gervasio


Halftrack with .30 cal machine gun mounted
halftrack seated 2 in front, 10 in back


Faded color photo of PVT William Gervasio


PVT William Gervasio
with newly issued M1 helmet


Company A Soldiers




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