Paul Anderson ---- E Company 1971


I arrived in Vietnam in January 1971 and was assigned to 1/5 Infantry "Bobcats" with
the 25th Infantry Division. I served with them for about three months, until the Division
rotated home.I was then assigned to 1/5th Infantry Division in Quang Tri.
I remained with 1/5th until August 1971,when the Division rotated home.

I was then assigned to 1/22nd infantry at Tuy Hoa. My primary mos was 17k20 ( Ground surveillance radar),
but I was assigned to Co.E, Recon Platoon.We did security for the base, ambush missions outside the base,
secured down helicopters, Recon missions, and secured positions for the mortar teams. I received a secondary mos
of 11f20 in December 1971. I received a Christmas drop, and got home 3 days before Christmas 1971.



SP4 Paul Anderson



Party deck



Return from shower



SGT Spring with searchlight jeep






Football time



Hootch maid



left to right: unknown, unknown, SGT Spring, Spec Mears



Spec 4 Georgelaukis



Spec Mears



left to right: unknown, unknown, SGT Krueger, SGT Spring











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