The 22nd Infantry in World War II


Field Marshall Sir Bernard Montgomery inspects the 22nd Infantry Regiment in England April 27, 1944.
Colonel Hervey A. Tribolet, Commanding Officer of the 22nd Infantry,
is to Marshall Montgomery's right. Brigadier General Henry A. Barber, Jr.,
Assistant Division Commander, is to his left.

( Editor's note: The 1946 yearbooks for the 4th Division have General Barber's name in the above caption incorrectly spelled as "Henry Baker".
Anyone having the yearbooks for the 4th Division or the 22nd Infantry Regiment should correct this to read "General Henry Barber".
Identification provided by General Barber's grandson, Henry A. Barber IV. )


Marshall Sir Bernard Montgomery inspects the 22nd in England,
April 27, 1944.


The leaders of Combat Team 22 pictured in the marshalling area just before
loading for the assault on D-Day. Seated, left to right: Colonel H.A. Tribolet,
Commanding Officer 22nd Infantry; Lt Colonel John F. Ruggles,
Regimental Executive Officer 22nd Infantry; Lt Colonel Arthur Teague,
Commanding Officer 3rd BN 22nd Infantry; Lt Colonel S.W. Brumby,
Commanding Officer 1st BN 22nd Infantry; Standing:
Lt Colonel William A. Atson, Commanding Officer 44th Field Artillery;
Lt Colonel Thomas Kenan, Regimental S-3 22nd Infantry;
Lt Colonel Earl Edwards, Commanding Officer 2nd BN 22nd Infantry.



Landing craft headed for Utah Beach with soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division
and also from the 101st Airborne Division. See enlargement immediately below.



Enlargement of section of above photo. Soldier with eyeglasses holding his rifle with both hands is
Technical Sergeant Erwin F. Mitman of Company I 22nd Infantry. His rifle appears to be covered
with plastic as a measure of waterproofing. Mitman was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his
actions while leading an assault section of his Company in an attack against an enemy strongpoint near
Ozeville on June 13, 1944. In October 1944 he received a battlefield commission to 2nd Lieutenant and was
transferred to Company E 22nd Infantry. LT Mitman was killed in action on November 16, 1944,
the first day of the Battle of the Hrtgen Forest. Note soldier to the left of Mitman is wearing a 4th
Infantry Division shoulder sleeve insignia on his left sleeve.

Identification courtesy of Robert Sterling Rush



Wading through the inundations, elements of the 22d Infantry spent several hours in these watery stretches
before reaching solid ground in the vicinity of St. Martin-de-Varreville. The northern causeways were either
impassable or under enemy fire.



GI's of 22nd Infantry Regiment, resting for few moments outside a cafe in Baudienville,
village lies just under 2.5 Km NE of Sainte-Mre-glise, Normandy, France. 7 June 1944.
War time censors have scratched out the shoulder sleeve insignia of the 4th Infantry Division



280mm gun in fortification at Crisbeq, taken by the 22nd Infantry


One of the strongpoints between the beach and Cherbourg


Prisoners taken on the way to Cherbourg


Bazooka team from the 22nd Infantry examines a German tank
they knocked out, July 14, 1944


Destroyed German "Panther" (Panzer Mark V)
St. Eny, France, July 15, 1944


Another view of the knocked out Panther above.
Excellent research by Kerry King has established this tank as belonging to
I. Abteilung / SS-Panzer-Regiment 2 / 2. SS-Panzer-Division "Das Reich".
Photo courtesy of Kerry King II


Another print of the above photo - this is the official Signal Corps Photo numbered SC 192068
The back of this photo identifies the soldier as Private Ward Watley of the 22nd Infantry.
The official caption reads: "Pvt. Ward Watley, Halecenter, Texas looks over one of two
Mark-5 tanks they knocked out with bazookas during a German attack, somewhere in
France, July 16, 1944."

Ward Watley was born in Brown, Texas on May 22, 1925. He was drafted into the Army on November 12, 1943
at Lubbock, Texas. He had completed High School and was single. Just a few weeks after the above photo was taken
Watley was killed in action as a Private First Class in Company L Third Battalion 22nd Infantry during the attack on
St. Pois on August 4, 1944. He was buried in Marigny Cemetery at St. L, France and after the war his remains were
returned to the United States where he was reinterred in Lubbock, Texas.

Photo courtesy of John Tomawski


Major General Raymond O. Barton, Commander, 4th Infantry Division
addresses the 22nd Infantry, following their first decorations ceremony
on the European Continent, July 1944


Six Silver Star Medal awardees of the 22nd Infantry, France July 17, 1944
Front row, left to right:
Private Bernard C. Christopher, Private First Class Charles T. Jones
Technical Sergeant Oscar C. Cantrell, Major General Raymond O. Barton (standing on jeep hood)
unknown Color Bearer,
Major Robert B. Latimer (CO 1st Battalion), Lieutenant Colonel
Arthur S. Teague
(CO 3rd Battalion), Lieutenant Colonel Garlen R. Bryant (CO 2nd Battalion)

U.S. Army Signal Corps photo SC-244296
Photo courtesy of John Tomawski




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