Norm Nichols -- C Company Roadrunner Platoon -- 1970-1971




As I recall we were getting ready to load up to go out on ambush later.
Medic in front center - note cans of plasma taped to his gear



Monkey mountain in An Khe - one day when we were in the rear on standdown we climbed it.
This is a shot of the “golf course” (air strip).



Camp Radcliff - this is where the 1/22 area was located.



Monkey Mountain from over by the Red Legs compound.



Highlander Heights home of the 1/22 in An Khe



Convoy this was leaving Highlander Heights on the first trip down to Tuy Hoa.



Top of Qui Nhon pass as we were dropping down toward the coast.



Charlie Co. barracks at Tuy Hoa, Roadrunner Platoon



Cook out at the barracks, I still have a hard time believing the Air Forces facilities - this was a major rec area for us
coming out of the jungles. Every once in a while I still miss having a warm PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon)
it was the only beer we could get all the good stuff which was cold went to the AF personnel.



BQQ master Al Way I believe and one of these days I’ll remember the other two.



Picture of Tuy Hoa take on the day after the N. Vietnamese attack, the airstrike of the gun ship was at an area
in the lower right hand corner which was called in by me as we were on ambush in the rice paddy. The gun ship
made three runs two using 30 cal Gatling guns and one rocket, a couple of our guys got a little burned from the brass
that was raining down on us. A little time later about 8 -10 NVA carrying litters passed between us and the perimeter
of the base and we couldn’t fire without firing into the base we just had to watch them go by until they were out of the area.








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