Rodney Grage


HHC 1/22 Infantry

Assigned to Company C

4th Infantry Division

September 1, 1965 - July 17, 1967



Feb. 15, 1967

Co. C was providing support for the Fire Base near DucCo on Feb. 15, 1967, about mid-morning.
The fire base had incoming NVA mortar rounds, with a quick return of 4.2 and 81mm mortars.
The incoming mortars stopped.

By midday, Co. C moved out on a search and destroy mission. We had a new company commander, Capt. Colin McManus.
Not far out from the fire base, the company ran into NVA machine gunfire. We had one wounded. The next day, Co. C
was redirected to aid A Co. which was under enemy fire and taking heavy casualties. Capt. Colin McManus was killed that day.

Mar. 14, 1967

Company A and Company C were on search and destroy missions near the Cambodian border.
Company A made contact with an unknown number of NVA soldiers, taking heavy casualties on both sides.
Company C changed course and entered the fire fight late that day. Company A had wounded medics,
Medics Matthew Higgins and Richard Holloway came in on a helicopter to help with the wounded.
Both medics died that day. Company A Capt. Christopher Keuker was severely wounded.
A Chinook helicopter with a cable lift evacuated the severely wounded that night.








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