Robert F. Gentry ---- Company C ---- Weapons Platoon FDC ---- 1965-1967


Fort Lewis barracks, January 1965


Training on mortars
Sgt. Arcenaux, back to camera
-- Pvt. Rash with base plate
Pvt. Kowski with tube -- Pvt. Gentry observing at right


Training on mortars
Pvt. McCellon, squatting, facing camera
Pvt. Floweres standing at left


Lt. Clark -- Weapons Platoon Leader


Montagnards, Pleiku area


ARVN soldier on left, SP5 Gentry on right


Gentry on left, Alexander in middle, right unknown


Firebase sign


Sin City outside Camp Enari


Montagnards, Pleiku area


Highway into Camp Enari




Re-established a firebase here


Barracks under construction, Camp Enari


Chinook carrying a 3/4 ton truck over firebase



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