James Flint

Company A 1/22 Infantry

4th Infantry Division

June 1969 - June 1970


In April of 2006, Jim Flint scanned his photos of his service with 1/22 Infantry
on to a CD and submitted them to this website.
The following is Jim's description of his photos, and his reasons for sharing them with us:



Many pictures on the CD come from LZ Owens as the scenery was beautiful,
film was available and the pictures seemed good at the time.

All the pictures on this CD were taken on an Olympus Pen EES-2 camera.
This camera has no batteries and conveniently fit in my ammunition pouch.
It is a “half frame” camera meaning unless the pictures are developed properly they are obtained in a small size.
How I acquired film or had it developed I do not recall. I have many slide pictures not included on this CD.
Hopefully more pictures from the slides can be forwarded for an archive for those who served.

This CD was inspired by a picture forwarded to me by “Top Owens” family.
“Top” Owens was my first sergeant in the 1/22
and I feel so fortunate I have been able to keep in contact with him all these years.
Top has seen all the photographs and a good portion of the slides some years ago.
The picture sent to me was one of Ray Yahola, Lollis and I (a picture from his picture page).
As a result of receiving this picture I was able to contact Ray Yahola who sparked me to begin this project.
I have selected the best pictures of people and scenery and feel so blessed
to be able to use computer technology now available to share this pictorial memory
with those I was so fortunate to have served.

A good portion of the pictures displayed were in scrap books inspired by my late wife Sandy,
who insisted I put it together shortly after arriving home from Vietnam.
I apologize if names or dates are inaccurate or incomplete.

----------------------------------James Flint, April 2006







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