Doug Childs --- 3rd Platoon Company B 1/22 Infantry Oct 1968- Oct 1969


Assorted ammo - ready for enemy attack


Doug Childs on right


From the door of a Huey
Note ammo belt over c-ration can for door gunner's M60 machine gun


Welcome to Base Camp (Camp Enari)


Coke girls while on a convoy


Coke girls while on a convoy


Pretty Vietnamese girl


Camp Zama theater - Japan



SGT Smith



Chinook with water trailer


I think this is Fred Golladay


Tank from 1st Squadron 69th Armor (organic to 4th Infantry Division)


SGT Randy McRae


SGT Richard Pate


4th Infantry Division Willett Hall


Hoki - "Viet Cong Killer"
Note 2nd Brigade sign on left











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