Task Force Regulars

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba April-June 2002


Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, deployed in late April 2002 to become part of Joint Task Force 160,
as the only Army infantry deployed to Cuba. Approximately 200 soldiers from the 1-22 Infantry were tasked with
providing external security for the detainee facilities . This included fixed site security, patrols, observation posts,
a quick reaction force, and also playing a role in escorting and transporting detainees.


Maj. General Raymond T. Odierno, commanding general, 4th Infantry Division, bids his personal farewell
to the soldiers of 1-22 Infantry during their deployment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba,
in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Note 22nd Infantry Distinctive Insignia (crest) on earplug case of soldier shaking hands with the General.



Fleet Hospital 20 is the site where the Taliban and al Qaida detainees receive medical care.
The state-of-the-art hospital facility is like M*A*S*H gone space age. Inside the tent complex is an air-conditioned pharmacy, lab, recovery and receiving ward and an operating room.



The ridge top tower at dusk. Marines man the tower 24/7 keeping watch on the border.



This "clamshell" will soon house the dining facility for soldiers living at Camp Alpha in Cuba.
A civilian contractor will provide meals for the 1/22 Inf soldiers.



An ocean view right next to Camp Alpha. Some of the 1/22 soldiers have already checked out the nearby beach
during their off duty time.



At Camp Alpha there are permanent shower and latrine facilities on-site.



Soldiers enjoy a hot meal in the temporary dining facilities next to Camp Alpha.
The new one will be housed in a "clamshell". Both offer a view of the ocean.



Soldiers return from a shopping trip at the NEX, Naval Exchange shopping complex.
Soldiers can also visit other spots on the base, like the only MacDonalds in all of Cuba.



Soldiers have decorated the outside of their sea hut billets with platoon mottos.



Standing, left to right:

SSG Merritt, 4th PSG -- SFC Wheatley, 2nd PSG -- SSG Feucht, Scout PSG -- 2LT Akerley, 4th PLT LDR --

1LT Morris, Scout PLT LDR -- CPT Wesbrock, B Co Commander -- MAJ Reed, Task Force Commander --

1SG Holzwarth, B Co 1SG -- SFC Yslas, 1st PSG -- 1LT Scott, 2nd PLT LDR

Kneeling, left to right:

1LT Deel, 1st PLT LDR -- 1LT Downs, B CO XO -- SFC Williams, 3rd PSG -- 2LT Sharp, 3rd PLT LDR



1/22 soldiers during a transfer of detainees.



1/22 Infantry HQ Scouts.



1/22 soldiers return from their deployment to Cuba.



Bringing the guidon of B Company 1-22 IN back to the States.



"Regulars, by God"



All photos courtesy US Army







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