Gary Stonemetz----B 1/22 1969-70

I went in on Jude with Bravo of the 1/22 in May of 69 and got lifted out of the bush May of 70
somewhere north of An Khe off LZ Terrace.


Gary Stonemetz - relaxing at LZ Beaver


Perimeter sweep one evening around LZ Bass.


Patrol crossing stream some place off LZ Bass. (No wonder there was so much jungle rot.)


Patrol off LZ Bass.


LZ Bass, 155mm firing DT's. I was a lot closer than the picture depicts and when it went off, the muzzle blast almost knocked me down.


LZ Jude.

I guess you could say the monkey was our Fire Base mascot and he was a real pain. The good news was that he was the only one on the fire base that would eat the date pudding !



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