Jason Horne---- Company A 1/22 1st Platoon 1993


Postcard of Somalia, showing its location on the Horn of Africa.


Task Force 1 - 22 Infantry


View of the port of Merka.


Somali workers unloading supplies at the port.


1-22 compound at Merka.


City of Merka.


1-22 at Merka.


UH-60 Blackhawk.


PFC Jason Horne (RTO) on the left--Lt Benitez on the right.


Schematic drawing of Abdi's house, done by one of his right hand men. At one time this drawing was Top Secret.


UN tank, after the raid on Abdide's radio retrans site.


Regulars of A Company, after the raid on Abdide's radio retrans site.


Article on 1-22 in Somalia. PFC Jason Horne is quoted several times in the article.



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