Dave Hegberg----B 1/22 1967-1968


I was with the 1/22 Infantry Co. B during most of the year of 1967.
I came home during the TET Offensive of 1968, good time to leave.


This is what Pleiku looked like back in 1967


This was the Camp Enari PX


Dragon Mountain


Communications bunker at a fire base


This picture is of me as Medic. I'm the one seated on the bunker handing out some medicine.


This Montagnard village was located near Camp Enari. It was our job to look out after these people.


Being a Medic I was assigned to a fire base for a short while. They were testing an eight inch gun while I was there.
You can see the round exploding in the distance and then the shrapnel came back at us. A guy off to my left was taking this picture
along with myself. He was hit in the chest and died from a sucking chest wound. He died in my arms as I tried to save him.


This is a picture of me in the field, waiting for a chopper to lift us out to a new location.


This is a place called "Regular Hill". Sand bags were arranged so it would read "Regulars By God" from the air as you came in.
This outpost was located in the Plei Djereng area and we finally had to leave when the fire base was wiped out.
The fire base was called "Three Tango".


This is my picture of "Three Tango" taken days before it was hit and burned by the NVA.


This picture was taken by Lou Talley. He was at the fire base "Three Tango" when it was hit hard and burned.
I was at Regular Hill at the time, and we packed up and took choppers out quickly after this happened.


Here is a picture I took of Bob Hope just after his performance at Camp Enari during the fall of 1967.
This was taken at the 4th Infantry Memorial.


This is a picture of Bob Hope seated in a jeep with General Peers at Camp Enari.


This was the C-123 Provider I took to Cam Ranh Bay from Pleiku. The airport had been mortared that very morning
and all I wanted was for us to get off the ground. It was the start of the TET Offensive.


Cam Ranh Bay


Vietnam Memorial





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