SPC Eddy Evans B Company 1st Platoon---- 2003


Basic Training Ft Benning , GA.
Pvt. Rick Reagel on the left and Pvt. Eddy Evans on the right. This was graduation day March 3, 2002. They had just got dressed to go out on the field to graduate. Rick is from Washington State, and Eddy is from Iraan, Texas.


4th plt. (Rough Riders) Ft. Benning Ga. during boot camp around Aug. 2001
Eddy is on the bottom left and Rick on the bottom right


Foxtrot 2-19 Infantry 4th Plt (Rough Riders) Ft Benning , 2001
Eddy is in the back row, second from the left.


A Co. 1-506th 3rd Plt (Inmates) - South Korea 2002

On the left - Pfc. Jose C. , on the right - Pfc. Eddy Evans.
Jose is from Van Horn, Texas. They are waiting to get on a Black Hawk to fly to Camp Red Cloud for riot control.


Eddy taking a meal break while on patrol near the DMZ, around June of 2002


PFC Eddy Evans, Christmas 2002

Camp Giant, South Korea


Iraq - 2003

1st Platoon Bravo Company 1-22 Infantry 4ID - Camp K-2 Bayji, Iraq

Left to right  Dan Bahruth, James Smith, Eddy Evans and Brian Smith.

1st Brigade "Raiders" HOOAH ! 


Iraq 2003

Spc. Eddy Evans on the left and Jimmy Smith on the right.
Jimmy is from Powell County Kentucky and Eddy is from Iraan, Texas.


Iraq 2003

Brian Smith, from Apple Valley, Minnesota on the left - Eddy Evans on the right.


Thanks to Gay Evans for the above photos.




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