Roy S. Dixon A 1/22 Infantry October 1966- October 1967


ROY DIXON, 2nd Plt RTO, taken early Feb 1967


Taken at Base Camp early Jan ‘67
Sanderson joined the 2nd BDE LRRP's in Nov '66 and was highly decorated for his missions


Berenwick (no helmet on right), LT Town (taking a drink), Uldrych (no helmet, background)
I believe this was taken early Feb ‘67 prior to
2nd Platoon being airlifted to start Sam Houston


This one was taken end of Feb 1967...Co A was securing this FSB ...
The soldier dropping the mortar is Leslie P. Bernstein ... Killed March 14, 1967, when the FSB came under attack. 
RIP to my good friend and God Bless.
To the right of Leslie is Lenny Cecere. 2nd from left is Richard Streck.
3rd from left is "Smitty", who got his photo in Stars And Stripes when he killed a cobra.
Photo taken 3/3/1967.
( Additional identifications by Richard Streck and Don Gertenrich, Aug 2009 )


FSB Regular…"Regulars" on hill in background.
Believe this is Paul Gonzales, center, looking at us.
Soldier to his right with glasses is Lynn A. Calhoun.


LZ Regular Feb 1967


A CO RTO…for CPT Keuker (seriously wounded on MAR 14,‘67)
Can’t remember RTO’s name, but being the 2nd PLT RTO, I talked with him often.
Taken early Jan '67 Base Camp.
Ed., A Company veterans believe this A Co. RTO is Peter Jurkiw




L to R: Rudolph Uldrych, SGT Larry Felton (SQD LDR taking notes)
Bruce Mozingo, Bernard Ranger.  All survived Feb 12, ‘67 ambush…


L-R: Douglas Colbert (KIA 2/16/’67), John L. Jackson Jr, Bruce Mozingo,
2nd Plt Medic (DOC Richard Tarkington JR. , attached to A Co from HHC KIA on 2/16/67) - KIA 2/16/67,
unknown, Marshall Clements holding box of cigars (KIA 3/14/67).  Taken Feb '67.

Richard Streck


Kenneth Koster (KIA 2/16/67)
Taken Feb ‘67


Rudy Uldrych ...taken sometime in sometime in before April '67... developed April 4, 1967


Roy Dixon in the center Douglas R Colbert KIA 2 16 67 on right side, other 2 unknown.
( This me in center, Doug Colbert eating cake on right... and the bold guy in rear was the Plt SGT RTO..
This picture was taken early Feb '67 probably the last pic of Colbert taken alive. )


Leslie Paul Bernstein KIA 3 14 67
This was taken 3-3-67


Leslie Paul Bernstein
This one also taken 3-3-67





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