Albert Brick----B 1/22 1970



Albert Brick

2nd Platoon B 1/22 Infantry - 1970


2nd Platoon, Bravo Company 1/22 Infantry An Khe, March 1970

Top Row Standing, Left to Right:

James Killian, Robert Bostwick, Joseph Kidder, Jerome Klopenstein, Robert Pederson, Robert Holloway

Partial Row, Partial View:

Between Killian & Bostwick is John Broussard, to Bostwick's left front is Unknown Obscured, Between Klopenstein & Pederson is Harry Beck

Middle Row, Standing:

James Henderson, Bernie ?, Willard Rose, Stephen Wach, James Hinzo, Richard Buenzle, Louis Ybarra, Donald Gary

Bottom Row Kneeling:

Wilfred Farland, Jack Phelps, Joseph Akczinski, Jimmie Carter, Albert Brick, Cecil Dykes, Reynold Blazon


Bravo Company, 1/22 Inf, 2nd Plt An Khe (Stand Down, March 1970)

Back Row Left to Right: Willard Rose, James Hinzo, Joseph Kidder, Doc Morgan, Robert Bostwick

Front Row Left to Right: Stephen Wach, Joseph "Cat" Akczinski, Albert Brick


Albert Brick

"They made me sweep sandbags on a firebase once...I was pissed."


Left to Right: Gregory Bodell, James Killian, Stephen Wach


Left to Right: Albert Brick, Joseph Kidder, Willard Rose and James Hinzo





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