Alpha Company 1st SGT Change-Over, April 22, 2004


On April 22, 2004, Assistant Webmaster of this website Angela Kraft and her husband Greg
visited with the "AlphaGators" of Alpha Company, at the Welcome Home Ceremonies.
Angela has a special relationship with the AlphaGators, because during their time in Iraq,
she had "adopted" the Company, and kept in constant contact with them,
organizing support for them and keeping them supplied with items they needed
to aid in their service in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The morning of that day started with soldiers and families arriving in the grassy area between barracks.
The Company came together in formation, 1SGT Garza made a very brief speech about being proud of his men and thanking them.
He was honored to have worked with them. Then each platoon presented 1SGT Garza with a plaque of thanks and recognition
of his leadership. The change of command ceremony was short and brief (as 1SGT. Garza wanted it)
with the word exchange being very quiet as the guidon was passed from 1SGT Garza to Captain Wagner
who presented it to the new 1st SGT.


Alpha Company (AlphaGators)


Alpha Company Staff


1st Platoon "Outlaws"


2nd Platoon "Black Knights"


3rd Platoon "War Dogs"


Alpha Gators waiting for the ceremony


Alpha Company standing to attention


Leading the Company formation are:
left : 1st SGT Jaime Garza
right: CAPT Michael Wagner


1st SGT Garza presents the A Company guidon to CAPT Wagner


CAPT Wagner presents the A Company guidon to the new 1st SGT


CAPT Wagner and 1st SGT Garza


1st SGT Garza and his family with CAPT Wagner
and 1st Battalion Commander LTC Steve Russell


Greg and Angela Kraft with 1st SGT Garza and his family


Angela in front of Alpha Company barracks


All photos courtesy of Angela Kraft.




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