1st Battalion 22nd Infantry



Macario Garcia

Company B 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry



Above: The actual Medal of Honor presented to Macario Garcia by President Harry S. Truman.
On August 8, 2016 the
Houston Chronicle newspaper published an article about Macario Garcia
and included this rare close-up photo of Garcia's original Medal taken in November 1960.

Photo from the Chron.com website



On August 23, 1945 President Harry S. Truman presented Staff Sergeant Macario Garcia
with the Medal of Honor. The ceremony took place in the White House in Washington, D.C.
and honored twenty-eight servicemen who were awarded the Medal of Honor for actions they
performed during World War II. It was and still remains the largest number of Medals of Honor
ever awarded in a single ceremony.


Above: Article announcing the Medal of Honor ceremony.
It incorrectly states that 27 servicemen will receive the Medal.
(There were 28.) The first name mentioned is Macario Garcia.

From the San Antonio Express Sunday August 19, 1945





President Harry S. Truman
adjusting the Medal of Honor
on Staff Sergeant Macario Garcia.

Truman is said to have remarked
to Garcia "I would rather have
one of these (meaning the
Medal of Honor)
than be President."

Photo from
the Houston Chronicle website



Above: Article reporting the award ceremony.
Macario Garcia is described in the bottom right hand corner of the article.

From the 50th Year Anniversary of JFK's visit with LULAC Council 60 website




A slightly different photo of Truman awarding the Medal of Honor to Macario Garcia
This photo appeared in the 22nd Infantry Regiment yearbook published in 1946




Article describing the Medal ceremony. Garcia is mentioned in the bottom
left hand corner.

From The Abilene Reporter -News Friday August 24, 1945



A color photo and a third variation of Truman awarding the
Medal to Macario Garcia.

From The American Warrior website












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