Henry A. Van Dornick

Company C 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry

4th Infantry Division

KIA 07/10/1944



Henry A. Van Dornick was born in Wisconsin in 1918. He enlisted in the Military Intelligence Department
of the Army on June 17, 1940. His home of residence was listed as Manitowoc, Wisconsin. His
civilian occupation was listed as amusement, recreation, and motion picture occupations. He had
completed one year of college and was single with no dependents. His religion was listed as Catholic.

Staff Sergeant Van Dornick was killed in action in France, in the area of La Maugerie, on July 10, 1944.

John Tomawski adds:

Around the 10th of July, when he passed away - here are the 1/22
journals that have locations:

7/9/44 - 1630 - Lanham to Red-5 - What's the score. 12th Inf. claims
to know where 1st Bn is. Lanham tells him that 12th wants to fire in a
place that would jeopardize the 1st Bn. - Line from Goforth left flank
(779339? - possibly 339779?) - Con? right A on left snipers on right
Bn. reserve. 2nd Bn. still ahead.

7/10/44 - 1315 - Red 3 to S-2 - Capt. Latimer reported that 1st two
companies crossing creek at 33775 (vT337775?). Strongpoint in front of
12th Inf. laying down heavy mortar fire. Going to try and contact
Arty. - 7/10/44 - 1803 - Delaney to Kenan - (2 of 4) - Air of 1800 to
1900 called off Kenan told Delaney that 3rd Bn. has a company at each
of these points #335768 - #338787 - #340782. 1st Bn. has two Co. cross
creek meeting all kinds or fire.

7/11/44 - 1102 - Kent to Red - Almost on La Maugerie - Meeting machine
gun + mortar fire but are still moving up. 333774 C.P.

7/11/44 - 1211 - S-2 to 3rd - (2 of 2) - Our leading elements across
the road 327764 - A little left - Left flank - 3 tanks are firing at
it. Right flank receiving La Maugerie. Red is in the village Maj. Moon
informs them.

I think with this new information, it's fairly evident that SSGT Van
Dornick passed away near Sainteny on the way to La Maugerie.



Henry A. Van Dornick was buried in the temporary U.S. Military Cemetery
Sainte Mere-Eglise #2 at Carentan, France in Block I Row 5 Grave 87 and was moved to the permanent
cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer, most likely in 1948 when the temporary cemeteries were shut down.

Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial
Departement du Calvados
Basse-Normandie, France
Plot D Row 7 Grave 17



Grave marker for

Henry A. Van Dornick

Photo by

John Tomawski


Andreia Lino




There is a monument to Henry A. Van Dornick in the Saint Joseph Cemetery
in Oconto County, Wisconsin.


Memorial monument to Henry A. Van Dornick

Photo by Becky1986 from the Find A Grave website








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