William E. Penland

Company C 22nd Infantry

MIA 02/07/1900



William E. Penland was born in 1860.

A residential listing for Dayton, Ohio in 1898 showed William E. Penland
living in Dayton at 19 S. Hawthorn St. His occupation was listed as Laborer.

Penland enlisted in the 3rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry in 1898.

The 3rd Ohio V. I. was mustered into service during the months of April to June 1898. It served in the
continental United States in Florida and Alabama. The Regiment was mustered out of service on October 26, 1898
at Columbus, Ohio. Penland served in Company I the Dayton Company.

The enlistment record for Penland could not be found. At some time after being mustered out of the 3rd Ohio V.I.
he enlisted in Company C 22nd Infantry.

On February 5, 1900 Companies C and D 22nd Infantry left San Fernando and marched north to Gapan by way of
Cabiao and then San Isidro, arriving in Gapan on February 7.

On February 7, 1900 while enroute from Cabiao to San Isidro on the Island of Luzon, Philippines,
Private Peter Marshall and Private William E. Penland became missing.

The two soldiers were carried in the Returns of the 22nd Infantry as location unknown absent without leave
from February 7 to March 1900. On March 8, 1900 their status was changed to Deserted.

In the monthly return for June their status was again changed, this time to Missing.

On July 11, 1900 Private Marshall and Private Penland were dropped from the records of the 22nd Infantry
with the status of Missing.


Above: The entry for Private Peter Marshall and Private William E. Penland in the Returns of the 22nd Infantry
for the month of July 1900 under the heading of "Dropped." At the time of the report Company C was encamped
at Sibul Spring, Bulacan Province on the Island of Luzon, Philippine Islands.



The entry in the enlistment record of Peter Marshall had the following statement:

"Dropped Febry 7, 1900 - as fallen in Insurgents hands near San Isidro, P. I. { Supposed to have been murdered."


Presumably if the enlistment record for William E. Penland could be found it would contain the same entry as above.



On February 3, 1902 Margaret Stewart the mother of William E. Penland
filed for a government pension as the dependent of her son who was lost
in military service.


The pension application filed by the mother of William E. Penland, noting her son's service
in Company C 22nd Infantry.








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