Donald Hendry McCracken

Company A 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry

4th Infantry Division

KIA 11/18/1944



Donald H. McCracken was born in New York on February 12, 1912. He was drafted into the Army
on June 11, 1942, and listed his home of residence as Erie County, New York. He had
completed four years of college and was married. His civilian occupation was listed as
insurance salesman. His religion was listed as Protestant.

1st Lieutenant McCracken was killed in action in Germany on November 18, 1944, the second day
of the 22nd Infantry's participation in the Battle of the Hürtgen Forest.

After action interviews with officers of the 22nd Infantry conducted during the war provide
the following description of McCracken's death:

"On 18 November, the company started off in column of platoons, with the 1st platoon leading. A heavy barrage
of mortar and artillery once again greeted the advance; tree bursts were particularly frequent, and the scrub pine
was slashed and tangled across the path of advance. An artillery shell killed Lt. Donald H. McCracken,
company executive who had just been promoted from his position as weapons platoon leader.
Lt. McCracken’s old platoon sergeant, T/Sgt. Clement Schelsky, cracked completely upon receipt of the news;
he was evacuated for combat exhaustion."


Donald H. McCracken photo taken 1940

Photo by Jack Rousseau from Ancestry.com




Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial
Liege, Belgium
Plot: Plot A Row 2 Grave 22


Grave marker for Donald H. McCracken

Phot by Des Philippet from the Find A Grave website





¹ Photo by Jack Rousseau from Ancestry.com






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