Peter Kinney

Company B 22nd Infantry

DOD 10/19/1872



Peter Kinney was born in Steuben, New York in 1842.

He enlisted for a period of 5 years in Company B of the 22nd Infantry on December 1, 1869
at Detroit, Michigan. His enlistment record indicated that he stood 5 feet 7 inches tall, had brown hair,
grey eyes and a florid complexion. His previous occupation was listed as Farmer.

Sergeant Kinney was murdered by a fellow enlisted man from his own Company at Cedar Creek,
Dakota Territory on October 19, 1872.

His cause of death was recorded as gun shot wound.

The following entries from the monthly Returns of the 22nd Infantry give some details
on the death of Sergeant Kinney:


Above: The Return of the 22nd Infantry for the month of October 1872
Under the heading "Died" entry number 1 records the name of Peter Kinney.
His rank is listed as Sergeant (Sergt.), his Company is listed as B, date of death is 19 Oct. 72,
place of death is listed as "Cedar Creek near Ft. Randall."
In the far right column the remarks are given as:

"From Gun shot wounds
said shot been inflicted
by Pvt. Wm Malone. Co. B 22d Inf."


The Return of the 22nd Infantry for the following month of November 1872
lists the name of the above Private Malone as Maloney:


Above: The Return of the 22nd Infantry for the month of November 1872
Under the heading "In hands of civil authority" entry number 1 records (that from Company B):

"Priv Wm Maloney at Bonhomme DT (Dakota Territory) since Nov 25, 1872.
Charged with the murder of Sergt Peter Kinney Co 'B' 22d Infy"

Since the above entry indicates that Private Maloney was in the custody of civil authorities, the incident
in which he shot Sergeant Kinney apparently occurred off Army property and therefore out of Army jurisdiction.


No further details could be found.


Peter Kinney was buried in the cemetery at Fort Randall, Pickstown, Gregory County, South Dakota
in grave # 73.


Grave marker for Peter Kinney in the Old Fort Randall Cemetery

Photo by anony1234 from the Find A Grave website



In June 1893 the remains of Peter Kinney were re-interred in the
National Cemetery at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.


Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery
Fort Leavenworth
Leavenworth County
Plot: Section G, site 2979


Grave marker for Peter Kinney in the National Cemetery at Fort Leavenworth

Photo by John Michel from the Find A Grave website








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