John H. Kelly

Company B 22nd Infantry

KIA 12/20/1899



John H. Kelly was born in London, England in 1877.

He enlisted for a period of 3 years as a Private in Company B of the 22nd Infantry on July 1, 1899
at New York City, New York. His enlistment record indicated that he stood 6 feet inches tall,
had light brown hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion. His previous occupation was listed as Sailor.

Private John H. Kelly was part of Major John A. Baldwin's Battalion in the Second Northern Expedition
led by Brigadier General Henry W. Lawton. The Expedition pursued the Filipino Army leader, Aguinaldo,
and his forces, deep into the mountains of Northern Luzon. At the extreme range of their supply lines
Baldwin's Battalion, consisting of Companies B, C, H and L of the 22nd Infantry, halted at the Igorote village
of Quiangan. The Igorotes were notorious headhunters, and during the conflict alternately fought the Americans
and joined them as guides.

As the Battalion neared Quiangan, Igorote warriors observed the American column from along the trail
and occasionally fired arrows or threw spears at the US Soldiers. According to the 1904 Regimental history,
Private Kelly wandered off the trail and was killed by Igorotes, "his head and arms were cut from his body."

In the section of the report below, of Soldiers of Company B killed in the Philippines written by 2LT Frederick Kerr
in January 1901, Kerr writes that Kelly was "killed by hostile natives near Quiangan" and his "Body never recovered."



Listing of John H. Kelly's death (marked by the red star) in the report written by
2nd Lieutenant Frederick B. Kerr, Commanding Officer Company B 22nd Infantry, January 2, 1901.

Document courtesy of Matthew Westfall, author of The Devil's Causeway










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