Elick Howell

Company B 22nd Infantry

DOW 05/03/1905



Elick Howell was born in Floyd County, Kentucky in 1881.

He enlisted for a period of 3 years as a Private in Company B of the 22nd Infantry on August 17, 1903
at Fayetteville, Arkansas. His enlistment record indicated that he stood 5 feet 6 inches tall, had
dark brown hair, blue eyes and a sandy complexion. His previous occupation was listed as Farmer.

Private Elick Howell received gunshot wounds to his abdomen and spine in action against hostile Moros
on the island of Jolo, Philippines during the Third Sulu Expedition. Private Howell had been
a member of the Provisional Battalion of the 22nd Infantry, under the direct command
of Major General Leonard Wood, in the battles against the Moro chieftain Peruka-Utig,
May 1-3, 1905.

Private Howell was wounded in the battle at Peruka-Utig's cotta (fort) on May 3, 1905.
The Return of Casualties for the Provisional Battalion of the 22nd Infantry indicated that
he died at 12:00 p.m. the same day he was wounded.


The Army and Navy Register Volume XXXVIII No. 1336 of July 22, 1905
in its report concerning the 22nd Infantry included the passage below
describing the Third Sulu Expedition. Private Elick Howell is listed
in the section on "Killed or died of wounds".





Elick Howell was buried on the Island of Jolo and his remains were later returned
to the United States where he was re-interred in Arkansas on October 30, 1905.


Fort Smith National Cemetery
Fort Smith
Sebastian County
Arkansas, USA
Plot: 4, 0, 1825


Grave marker for Elick Howell

Photo by by b w from the Find A Grave website









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