George A. Abbott

Company D 22nd Infantry

DOD 02/01/1899



George A. Abbott was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1870.

He enlisted for a period of 5 years as a Private in Company D of the 22nd Infantry on June 24, 1892
at Boston, Massachusetts. His enlistment record indicated that he stood 5 feet 9 inches tall, had
light brown hair, blue eyes and a light complexion. His previous occupation was listed as Teamster.
He was discharged from this enlistment as a Private at Fort Crook, Nebraska on June 23, 1897 with
a character reference of Very good.

Abbott re-enlisted before his first term of service expired, on June 1, 1897, as a Corporal at Fort Crook
in Company D 22nd Infantry for a period of 3 years. On this enlistment record his previous occupation
was listed as Soldier.

Abbott served with the Regiment in Cuba during the Santiago Campaign.

The 22nd Infantry boarded two transport ships at San Francisco, California, the Senator and the Ohio,
early in the morning on February 1, 1899, for deployment to the Philippine Islands. The ships set sail
the same day. That night, Corporal George A. Abbott died when he fell overboard from the Senator,
during a storm. According to the following telegram sent to the Adjutant General's Office, from Brigadier General
Elwell S. Otis, Governor General of the Philippines, upon the arrival of the Senator at Manila, it appears that
Abbott's body was recovered and brought to the Philippines aboard the Senator.







Correspondence Relating To The War With Spain And Conditions Growing Out Of The Same
Including The Insurrection In The Philippine Islands And The China Relief Expedition
Volume 2,
Washington: Government Printing Office 1902








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