Charles Edward Moake Jr.

Company C 1/22 Infantry

(Attached from Echo Company 1/22 Infantry)

4th Infantry Division

KIA 11/20/1969



MOS: 11C40: Indirect Fire Infantryman


Charles Moake was killed in action while on a combat operation, in an engagement
with a hostile force, at grid reference BR825101, approximately 4 kilometers north/northwest of
Van Canh airfield.



Ron Soden wrote "He was fairly new in country and was one of my 4.2" FO's, meaning he was assigned to Echo Company
but attached to "B" Company.  He was KIA during the very initial contact as the company was moving towards the top of 975. 
It was very late in the afternoon, it was a fierce firefight and the company had to pull back under heavy fire. 
Sgt Moake's body wasn't recovered until the following morning."

Editor: Ron Soden corrected his statement above later, with the one immediately below:

Ron wrote "Sgt Moake (although his name was Charles, he liked to be called Ed, his middle name) was one of my soldiers
and we lost him in an ambush while he was working as an FO with Charlie Company. He was from Illinois and the action
occurred shortly before Thanksgiving of 1969. Probably not necessary but I do know the details of the action also.
PFC Powers was lost in that same action if I remember correctly. There were many others wounded that day."


SGT Charles E. Moake Jr.'s decorations




Harold Hall holding a photograph of Charles Moake
underneath Charles' name on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.
The photo was taken in Vietnam by Forward Observer Bob Nehring.




Charles is buried at East Lawn Memorial Gardens, Carterville, IL.


Grave marker for Charles E. Moake









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