Specialist Marlow Loecker

Company A 1/22 Infantry

4th Infantry Division

KIA February 16, 1967




Home of Record: Crofton, Nebraska
Date of birth: Friday, 12/21/1945

Service: Army (Selective Service)
Grade at loss: E4
Rank: Specialist Four
ID No: 55793366
MOS: 11B40 Infantryman
LenSvc: Between 1 and 2 years

Start Tour: Thursday, 07/21/1966
Cas Date: Thursday, 02/16/1967
Age at Loss: 21
Remains: Body recovered
Location: Kontum, South Vietnam
Type: Hostile, died outright
Reason: Gun or small arms fire - Ground casualty

ON THE WALL Panel 15E Line 047


SP4 Marlow Loecker was killed in a battle with NVA forces during Operation Sam Houston,
at grid reference YA598614, approximately 27 kilometers west/northwest of Plei Djereng airfield.



Photo of Marlow Loecker during Basic Training

Photo courtesy of Manuel Cazares Company A 1/22 Infantry 1966-67




Marlow in Vietnam



Recommendation for the Bronze Star Medal for Marlow,
written by his fellow Soldier, David Childs



Letter of condolence to Marlow's parents from Captain Christopher Keuker,
Marlow's Commanding Officer in Company A.



Letter of condolence to Marlow's parents from Major General William R. Peers,
Commanding General of the 4th Infantry Division



Letter of condolence to Marlow's parents from 4-star General William C. Westmoreland,
Commander of Allied Forces in Vietnam




Memorial to Marlow by his nephew Mike



Memorial to Marlow at his nephew Mike's home



Marlow's decorations



Poem written in Marlow's honor by his fellow Soldier in Company A 1/22 Infantry, Don Gertenrich




The text of the above poem:

Sometimes Today Is Forever:

To my mother and father, and all my brothers,
Who does the math, as we weigh our druthers?
I wanted to tell you, had I given less fight,
I could not have finished, most anything right.

In my judgment, the way that life moves,
The paths we go down, we not always choose.
Not every story, is the beginning or the end.
Not every triumph, is round the next bend.

I did my best, it was all that I could do,
I found peace in chaos, and came home to you.
Things so clear, and so close to my soul,
Flashed before my eyes, I saw not the toll.

My brothers at arms, were close to my side.
Twas for them I sacrificed, twas for them I cried.
The bravery that surrounded us, left nothing to compare,
But the need to prevail, and the need to dare.

I left all of you and the battle fields I roamed,
To come to a place, so far from our home.
Some will argue, what's the value of death,
So costly to our families, as we draw our last breath.

Many are summoned, but not all answer the call.
The ones who did, can be found on The Wall.
One thing I know, and this I beg you must see,
Freedom is priceless, but it certainly isn't free.

Think of me as the wind, blows gently on your face.
I lived for all of you, and not for the race.
We will meet again, in those grassy fields.
Drink deeply from life and all that it yields.

Shed no tears of sorrow, and think not of the loss.
Think only of serving, and not of the cost.
Each of us answers the call, in different ways,
And I will be with you, to the end of your days.

For Marlow, (Gert July 20,09)

It is said:
'they are not gone,
that live on in the hearts
of those left behind'.

From Feb, 16th, 1967, Marlow lives in many.





Citation to Marlow from the State of Nebraska



Honorable Service Certificate for Marlow from the Secretary of the Army Stanley R. Resor



Marlow's souvenir jacket from Vietnam sent home with his personal effects after he was killed




Saint Boniface Cemetery
Cedar County


Marlow's grave



All above photos courtesy of Marlow's nephew, Mike.

The 1st Battalion website is grateful to Mike Loecker for his devotion in honoring his Uncle Marlow






To view photos of Marlow Loecker in Vietnam click on the following link:

Marlow Loecker








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