Doc Philip Lawrence Jewell

Company C 1/22 Infantry (attached from HHC)

4th Infantry Division

KIA 11/21/69




MOS: 91A10 Medical Corpsman

Note: E3 at loss. Posthumous Promotion as indicated


Philip Jewell was killed in action during an engagement with hostile forces, when he went to render medical aid
to a fellow Soldier, Johnny Trainham, who was wounded and killed in the engagement,
at grid reference BR825101, approximately 4 kilometers north/northwest of Van Canh airfield.





CPL Philip L. Jewell's decorations






"Below is a copy of a poem that I received from Jim Green, one of my Panther Platoon buddies back in Charlie Company in 69-70.
It contains a poem written about the fight for hill 474 where "Doc" Phillip Jewell and Johnny Trainham
of Charlie Company were killed on Nov 21, 1969. The poem was written by Alan Bracken, of Second Platoon.
It is in Alan's own handwriting and was kept by Jim these 30 odd years.
Bracken was Killed in Action himself on January 25, 1970."

Robert Wren, January 2005

   "I'm not the only one who deserves credit for the poem.Thomas Waybright has the  orignal copy of it.
He sent me a photo stat copy of it and we've been talking about  doing this for a long time.

Jim Green, January 2005





Hill 474 12-7-69

November 21st, a day of Reconing,
A time of Sorrow, a moan of Beckoning,
So scared were we, the night of the day before,
For tomorrow we faced the undetermined score.

The hill was Theirs, but our to take
A hill bestowed, for our lives were at stake!
Then Morning came, the men were ready,
Our gear all packed, but our minds unsteady.

The long hump began, with insides shakey,
For everyone knew our shit was flakey,
The Hill was theirs, but would soon be ours,
Though it might take days or infinite hours.

With mini-guns working, & red tracers flying,
The Gooks Held; for their goal is worth dying.
Our journey under way, there would be no stop,
for the Colonel said, "We must make it to the top".

We took the hill, but without great pride,
For beneath our feet, our two buddies lied.
Two great men were Doc and J.T.,
But in our minds they ever will be.

No greater price could anyone ask of man,
Than to give his life, to insure peace in the land.
To fight they were called, and to fight they came,
But who can you curse, and who can you blame.

The Hill is ours, but we must push on,
For the "grunt" is a nomad; here then gone.
The Hill was theirs and now its ours,
Forever to stand like a graveyard with towers.


written in Vietnam by Alan Bracken, December 7, 1969

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The website is grateful to Robert Wren, Jim Green and Thomas Waybright, all veterans of 1/22 Infantry,
for preserving and sharing Alan Bracken's heartfelt tribute to his fallen brothers-in-arms.


Below is a tribute to Johnny and Doc Jewel created by Gary Hurl:










Evergreen Cemetery
Cass County
Minnesota, USA
Plot: Map 25; SP6-B3-4



Grave monument for Philip L. Jewell

Photo by Tyboe Tracy from the Find A Grave website











Click on Philip Jewell's name below to visit his memorial page on the Virtual Wall Website:

Philip L. Jewell


Click on the link below to visit the tribute to Philip Jewell which includes an account of
the incident in which he died:

Together We Served











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