Patrick Ernest Hennen

Company A 1/22 Infantry

4th Infantry Division

KIA 05/08/70




MOS: 11B40 Infantryman


Patrick Hennen was killed in action in Cambodia at grid reference YA533485,
approximately 32 kilometers west of Plei Djereng airfield.



SGT Patrick E. Hennen's decorations





Patrick E. Hennen and I were in the same NCOC class.  In NCO school we were assigned in alphapetical order
and Patrick was just a couple of bunks from me.  In Viet Nam he was with Alpha Company while I was with Delta
but we would see each other every now and then.  While on stand down before going into Cambodia
I looked him up and we drank a couple of beers and talked about how short we were getting. 
I told him that after we got back we would drink another beer. After we got back to An Khe from Cambodia
I went over to Alpha Company to find him but was told he was killed the second day in Cambodia.
  I had hoped for years afterward that I had been given wrong information but after the Viet Nam Memorial was dedicated,
there was his name.  He was a fine person and a equally good squad leader. 

Harold Hall - D Company 1/22 Infantry 1969-1970



Patrick Hennen (on left) in Vietnam

Photo from the VVMF website





From the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund website




Pat was born in Watkins,MN. He attended St. Bonifice Catholic High School, in Cold Springs Mn, graduating 1969.





Saint Anthony Catholic Church Cemetery
Meeker County
Minnesota, USA


Grave marker for Patrick E. Hennen


Photo by Paul Steichen from the Find A Grave website









For a tribute to patrick Hennen clcik on the following link:

Together We Served



Photo of Patrick Hennen courtesy of Harold Hall









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