Battery B 4/42 Artillery

4th Infantry Division

KIA 05/27/1968



Age: 22
Race: Caucasian
Sex: Male
Date of Birth Jan 8, 1946
Marital Status: Single

CPL - E4 - Army - Selective Service
4th Infantry Division
MOS: 13B40: Cannon Crewmember
Length of service 4 years

Start Tour: 11/31/1967
Date of Casualty: 5/27/1968
Casualty Type: Hostile, died outright
Casualty Reason: Ground casualty
Casualty Detail: Artillery, rocket, or mortar

Casualty Country: SOUTH VIETNAM
Casualty Province: KONTUM

Panel 65W Row 7


Tom Galvez was killed in action while on Operation Mathews,
during an enemy mortar barrage against FSB Brillo Pad, at grid reference YA963855,
approximately 10 kilometers southwest of Polei Kleng.




CPL Tom Galvez' decorations




Tom Galvez in Vietnam



Tom Galvez on far left



Tom Galvez being hoisted on his buddy's shoulder



Tom Galvez High School football



Tom Galvez




You will never be forgotten

----------------------------- Dolores





Tom is buried at St. Anthony's Cemetery, Hereford, TX.


Grave marker for Tom Galvez



Grave monument for Tom Galvez







Tom Galvez photos courtesy of Dolores











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