Marcus Anthony Cain

4th Support Battalion, 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division

Attached to 1-22 Infantry

Died of Wounds Received in Action

September 13, 2006




In a memorial service held at Fort Hood October 19, 2006
Marcus Cain was remembered with the following:
Cpl. Marcus A. Cain
, 20, enjoyed music and loved Cadillacs, said Spc. Shyanne Knisley.
Cain had hoped to buy a new Escalade "with fancy rims" when he returned from Iraq.



CPL Marcus "Duggie" Cain



Marcus Cain killed in Iraq

Sep 18, 2006 07:50 AM CDT

The war in Iraq hits close to home. A soldier from Jennings is the latest casualty. Twenty-year-old Marcus Cain died in Baghdad Wednesday night.
KATC's Diana Raphael spoke to his mother Friday.

A mother remembers her last conversation with her son.

"He was happy-you know he was really happy. He had big plans."

Family members gather and remember twenty-year-old Marcus Cain. A graduate from Jennings high school and the youngest of four,
he enlisted in the army right out of school.

"A kind fun-loving fella he didn't have any kids. He lived a young youthful life that was him. He was just a youthful person. Everybody loved him."

He was supposed to be leaving Iraq in November and had just re-enlisted.

One of the last things they spoke about were just how much he had learned while away.

"He said I thought about things mama-everything you tried to teach me was right.
He said you used to tell me this and tell me that and I'd say because the way the world is how you didn't know what you were talking about.
But I found out experience is the best teacher."



Marcus Cain's decorations




September 16, 2006
Reported By: Lee Peck

The family of U.S. Army Specialist Marcus Cain is still trying to digest the news of his tragic death.
The 20-year-old Jennings native was serving in Iraq, where he was killed Wednesday night by a suicide bomber.

"He wasn't even able to defend himself. Do you understand. This person dropped a bomb on my baby," said Marcus' mother Bennie Cain.

The youngest of five, the 2003 Jennings High graduate enlisted right out of school following in the footsteps of three of his older siblings.
With four children in the military in a time of war, Bennie Cain says she was prepared for this outcome.

"I knew after 15 years of being a military mom one day it was going to happen," said Bennie. "I knew this because that was the job they took."

While he may have been a man in the eyes of the world, Bennie says she'll always remember the boy she affectionately called "Dougy."
"He was always you know just Dougy. That was our little name for the family. All his little friends they would come knock on the door
and they would say, 'Is Dougy home, can we play with Dougy," recalls Bennie. "Then after he grew up a little bit and he went to high school
he became Doug and then after that when he started dating the girls, then he was Marcus."

Calling home weekly, Marcus was excited and looking forward to returning home. "Last week he called and he wanted us to come.
All he was talking about was in November he'd be out of Iraq and he wanted us all to be in Colleen, Texas when the plane landed."

But the heroe's homecoming will now be bittersweet for the young soldier who died defending freedom.
"Marcus died for a country that he loved," said Bennie.

And so, Bennie and her family mourn the loss of their son in a conflict that she feels in many ways makes no sense and will never truly be resolved.
"We are over there fighting for some cowards. A suicide bomber killed my kid. Where am I going to find him to bring him to justice for killing my baby?"

Funeral arrangements for Army Specialist Marcus Cain are pending.
Army officials tell the family it may not be until September 29th before his body is returned to the U.S.





Funeral Program courtesy of

Henry G Raphael & Son Funeral
214 E Racca Rd
Jennings, LA 70546-7820
Phone:   (337) 824-1836






Marcus "Duggie" Cain



The following is from the Find A Grave website:


Cpl. Marcus A. Cain of Crowley, Louisiana was a Jennings High graduate and was scheduled to return home
in November after serving a year in Iraq. He'd talk about when he got out and about the whole family coming
to see him come home. Duggie was one of five family members, two sisters, a brother and a brother-in-law are the others,
serving in the Army. His brother-in-law is in the Middle East, and his sister, Staff Sgt. Jodi Thibodeaux,
a veteran of the Gulf War, is set to be deployed to the region by the end of the year. They all wanted to better themselves.
Marcus' dream was starting a Web page business, and he thought the military experience would help him.
He had re-enlisted for another year. He was 20.


Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Catholic Church Cemeter
Jefferson Davis Parish
Louisiana, USA


Grave marker for Marcus A. Cain

Photo by Charles T. Baggett from the Find A Grave website











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