Michael M. Bartholomew

HHC 1/22 Infantry

4th Infantry Division

KIA 07/25/69




SSGT - E6 - Army - Regular
4th Infantry Division

MOS: 91B40: Medical NCO

24 year old Married, Caucasian, Male
Born on Jun 01, 1945
Length of service 6 years.
His tour of duty began on Oct 17, 1968
Casualty was on Jul 25, 1969
Body was recovered

Panel 20W - - Line 42


Michael Bartholomew served nearly a year with 1/22 Infantry and was killed in action
serving with HHC 3/8 Infantry, when a mine detonated.

He left behind a wife, two sons and one daughter.




SSG Michael Bartholomew's decorations


Michael is also eligible to receive the
Louisiana Veterans Honor Medal
from the State of Louisiana




Though at the time of his death, SSG Michael Bartholomew was not assigned to 1/22 Infantry,
he served nearly a year as a Regular. The following memory of Mike was written by Andrew Wysor,
under whom Mike Bartholomew served in HHC 1/22 Infantry:


Every time I visit the wall, I look up SSG Michael Bartholomew and "visit" him at his place on the Wall. 
Mike was the epitome of both a great NCO and a great human being. 
I first met him when I went over to see what it would take to use the medics' shower. 
He told me to bring a 5 gallon can of water and place it in the tank and I was more than welcome. 
The next day I brought over my can and he was on the ladder filling it.  I was told to hand it up which I did. 
The following day I went over and he told me he had already filled it and not to worry. 
That was my introduction to Mike.
At the time, he was a Sergeant (E5) but he was soon selected for promotion to Staff Sergeant. 
It was my pleasure to use my alcohol card to buy the beer for his promotion party. 
Everyone on the base kicked in to include the cooks who found steaks.  
Mike and I became great friends and we used to talk for hours while off duty. 
Around July 1969, soon after we both turned 24,
Mike reenlisted within country as the reenlistment bonus was tax free and substantial for a medic. 
When I asked why, he told me, "I want my family to have the good things." 

CPT Jose A. Delgado was the battalion surgeon serving with Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 3rd Battalion,
8th Infantry. On July 25, 1969, he was traveling in an Army jeep with medic SSGT Michael M. Bartholomew,
radio operator SP4 John B. Grainger, and driver SP4 Wesley E. Mueller on a MEDCAP (Medical Civil Action Program)
mission near An Khe in Binh Dinh Province, RVN, when the jeep struck a mine. CPT Delgado exited the vehicle
to inspect the damage and as he walked around the jeep he stepped on a second mine. He and the three other soldiers
with him were fatally injured in the blast.

It has been 36 years and I have constantly thought of him.  He made the ultimate sacrifice for his family.  
There is no better way to remember him other than as a really terrific man.  May God protect him forever more.


Andrew S. Wysor Lieutenant Colonel, AUS (Retired)



Virtual rubbing provided by Andy Wysor





Two photos of SSG Michael Bartholomew
from the 1969 1/22 Infantry Battalion Yearbook





Golden Gate National Cemetery
San Bruno
San Mateo County
Plot: Section T Site 308


Grave marker for Michael M. Bartholomew


Photo by TDMiller from the Find A Grave website









Top photo of Michael Bartholomew
courtesy of his daughter Lisa


To view photos of Michael Bartholomew click on the following link:

Michael Bartholomew














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