4th Infantry Division Insignia



All are items from my personal collection.

Michael Belis Sgt C 1/22 Inf 1970-71





Above left is standard issue from about 1960 onward

Above right is unidentified variation on dark charcoal background



4th Division Honor Guard

Exact identification & dates for this insignia are unknown



The remainder of insignia in the Vietnam section are all Southeast Asia theatre made variations



The next four insignia are 'pocket hangers', for wear on the Class 'A' summer uniform



The following insignia are 'subdued' for field wear







Above top left full color for wear on Class 'A' uniform

Above top right subdued for wear on fatigue & camouflage BDU uniform

Above bottom for wear on camouflage BDU uniform (desert) and DCU uniform

The full color insignia began to be issued in about 1968, and continues as official issue today.

The subdued insignia began to be issued in about 1968, and was worn on the fatigue and BDU uniforms.

The bottom insignia was authorized for wear beginning in about 2000 and was worn on the desert camo uniforms.


For wear on the ACU uniform, authorized for wear beginning in 2005


For wear on the multicam uniform, authorized for wear in approximately 2009


Above insignia was theatre made in Kuwait
during deployment to that country of units from the 4th Infantry Division,
prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom


"Combat" patch worn on the right shoulder sleeve,
indicating combat service with the 4th Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom (I).
Left was for wear on the DCU uniform, right for wear on the BDU uniform.
These were made in theater and worn by General Odierno and 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry
while in Iraq. However, authorization for wear outside of the theater could not be obtained from the Army.



Theater made variants of the DCU insignia



Theater made variant of the ACU insignia









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4th Division wallpaper created July 16, 2001 & copyright Michael Belis. All rights reserved.