22nd Infantry Insignia Part Two

The following insignia are representative pieces, to show the style of insignia worn by soldiers of the 22nd Infantry Regiment through the years.

This is by no means a complete set of all insignia worn by the Regiment during its history.


Anyone having any US 22nd Infantry insignia not shown on this website,
and would like to add them to this display, please contact me by e-mail at

Michael Belis Sgt C 1/22 1970-71



22nd Infantry Distinctive Insignia ( DI )

The Distinctive Insignia of the 22nd Infantry is the shield from the Regimental Coat-of-Arms.

The shield is white and blue, white being the original color for US Infantry, changed later to blue.

The fortress wall dividing the shield stands for the wars in which the Regiment has taken part.

The five arrows represent the five campaigns of the Indian Wars of the 19th century in which the Regiment served.

The sun in splendor stands for the campaigns fought by the Regiment during the Phillipine Insurrection of the early 20th century.

The Distinctive Insignia of the 22nd was approved by the US Army on May 31, 1923.


22nd Infantry DI, pinback

Left to right:

NS Meyer (hallmarked), Durocharm, 7M, 7M, No marking, Gemsco


22nd Infantry DI, screwback

Left to right:

No marking, NS Meyer (hallmarked), No marking, No marking


22nd Infantry DI, clutchback

Left to right:

NS Meyer (hallmarked), NS Meyer (hallmarked), Ira Green G23


22nd Infantry DI, German made


22nd Infantry DI, Vietnam made ( beercan construction )


22nd Infantry DI, "Sweetheart" pins

Left is a mini-DI chained to a 4th Division insignia, World War 2 vintage

Right is a mini-DI made up for wives of the 1st Battalion, present day


22nd Infantry DI, German made

Silk woven on green Leadership Tab




22nd Infantry "Regulars" tab, Vietnam made

Worn (un-officially) by the 1st Battalion above the 4th Division shoulder patch, 1966-1970






"Beercan" construction badge for Recon Platoon, 3rd Battalion 22nd Infantry (Vietnam)



1/22 Infantry Pocket patch, Vietnam made

Editor's note:

I had this patch made in Vietnam, at the tailor shop by the airfield at An Khe, just before I left VN, in April of 1971.

Three of us each had 6 patches made in this design, a total of 18 patches were made altogether.

This is the only one I have left. It was supposed to represent 1st Battalion of the 22nd Infantry, but the Vietnamese tailor misunderstood our instructions and reversed the numbers, so that they are not in their proper places on the guidon.

SGT Michael Belis -- C 1/22 Inf 70-71




22nd Infantry pocket patch

Present day




22nd Infantry Souvenir patch

Made for veterans of the 22nd who served in the 4th Infantry Division




22nd Infantry Blazer badge

Made in Pakistan for members of the Regimental Society to wear on sport coats, etc.









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