1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Andrew Shibler

Company B 22nd Infantry

1898 - 1901


Andrew Shibler was born in Archbold, Fulton County, Ohio on September 14, 1875.

He enlisted as a Private in the Army for a period of three years on November 3, 1898
at Davenport, Iowa. He was assigned to Company B 22nd Infantry at Fort Crook,
Nebraska on November 5, 1898. His enlistment record indicated he stood 5 feet 10 inches
tall, had grey eyes, light brown hair and a fair complexion. His previous occupation was
listed as Saddler.

Shibler sailed with the Regiment to the Philippines, arriving there in March 1899. He took part in
the engagement at Pasig, in the Malalos Campaign and the First Northern Expedition on the Island
of Luzon.

From November 27 to December 24, 1899 he was sick in the hospital at San Nicolas. From January 1
to February 7, 1900 he was sick in the 4th District Hospital at San Isidro. From May 27 to June 2 he
was sick in the hospital at San Isidro again. He returned to duty with his Company until November 12
when he was admitted sick into the hospital at San Isidro again. In December he was transferred to the
2nd Reserve Hospital in Manila.

His illness was severe enough for him to be sent back to the United States in either late January or early February 1901.
He entered Letterman General Hospital at the Presidio in San Francisco, California from the transport Indiana on
February 27, 1901. He remained in the hospital until May 22, 1901 when he was released and transferred to active duty.

Shibler was transferred to the 26th Company of the Coastal Artillery at the Presidio at San Francisco, California on
September 9, 1901. He was discharged at Fort Flagler, Washington on November 2, 1901 as a Private with a
character rating of Excellent.

The following photos were part of a collection belonging to Shibler that was sold on Ebay in 2015.

The 1st Battalion website does not have identifications for the photos. It is obvious that at least some
of them were taken during his service with Company B 22nd Infantry in the Philippines and it is presumed
that most if not all were taken during his service in the 22nd Infantry.

























In March 1904 Shibler filed for a federal pension for his Army service.

On March 15, 1905 he married Lilian A. Peters at Monroe, Michigan. Eventually he and Lilian
would have two children, Helen, born in 1906 and Felix, born in 1912.

In the 1910 Census Andrew and his family were recorded as living in the township of German, Fulton County, Ohio
where he was listed as working in the house manufacturing industry.

On his draft registration card during WWI Shibler's occupation was listed as Shoe Cobbler.

In the 1920 and 1930 Census Andrew and his family were recorded as living in the township of German
where Andrew was now a shoemaker who owned his own shop.

His wife Lilian died in 1942 at Archbold, Fulton County, Ohio.

Andrew Shibler died in Archbold, Fulton County, Ohio on December 24, 1944.




December 27, 1944

Archbold Cemetery Archbold, Fulton County, Ohio



Grave marker for Andrew Shibler

Photo by Donna from the Find A Grave website





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