1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


War Trophy of Company E Soldier



Private First Class William D. Scheer Company E 22nd Infantry


G.I.'s bring home souvenirs of their deployments overseas, many of which become treasured mementos,
and some of which are historically significant. One such item is the German binoculars brought home
from World War II by PFC William D. Scheer of Company E 22nd Infantry.


William Dexter Scheer was born in Missouri on July 16, 1911. He was drafted into the Army
on March 21, 1944 at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri. At the time of induction his home of residence
was listed as Pike County, Missouri. In the 1946 yearbook for the 22nd Infantry Regiment, his home
of residence was listed as Hannibal, Marion County, Missouri. his civilian occupation was listed as
Skilled Mechanics and Repairmen, Motor Vehicles. He had completed four years of High School and
was married.


William D. Scheer died on March 4, 1991.

He and his wife Nellie are buried in Plot: C-184-5 of Grand View Burial Park, Hannibal, Ralls County, Missouri.




German binoculars captured and brought home by William Scheer.

Photo courtesy of Michael Fuller




"Capture papers" listing the items brought back to the States by William Scheer, showing that he brought back a Luger pistol,
the binoculars and a camera. The date of the document is June 15, 1945. At that date the 22nd Infantry was still undertaking
occupational duty in Germany, but had been notified that it would return to the United States in early July.

In typical Army fashion, Scheer's name is mis-spelled and the word "Luger" is also mis-spelled.
Note the matching serial number of the binoculars entered on the document.


Photo courtesy of Michael Fuller



Viewing end of binoculars


Photo courtesy of Michael Fuller



Close up of the binoculars showing the nomenclature "Dienstglas" (Service Glasses), the size of 10 X 50
(10 power by 50mm objective lens), the serial number 367944, and the grid scale indication of H/6400.

Photo courtesy of Michael Fuller



Manufacturer's code indicates the binoculars were made by Ernst Leitz GmbH of Wetzlar, Germany,
and lubricant code indicating lubricant type 1416 which meant the optics were still effective
in temperatures as cold as -40 degrees Celsius.


Photo courtesy of Michael Fuller



Portion of the grid scale as seen through the binoculars lens




Scan from the 1946 yearbook for the 22nd Infantry Regiment showing part of Company E.
PFC William Scheer is on the bottom row, far left and marked with a red asterisk.





CPT Robert B. Moss Jr., Commanding Officer
Company E 22nd Infantry

His signature is on the capture papers (left)
indicating that he personally examined
the items of William Scheer and authorized
Scheer to bring the items back to the U.S.







The webmaster for 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry website applied to the National Personnel Records Center for a copy of
William Scheer's military records, only to find out that his records were lost in the fire of 1973. Further communication with the
National Archives determined that a copy of his final pay voucher could be obtained. However, that document was not applied for,
since it would give no new information other than what is already stated on this page.







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