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MSGT William R. Ricks' decorations




William R. Ricks enlisted in the Army in 1926 and was assigned to the 22nd Infantry
at Camp McClellan, Alabama. He served with the 22nd Infantry through the end of World War II.

His career with the 22nd began at a time when the Regiment was downsized between wars,
and he saw the reorganization and modernization of the 22nd into the fighting force it became
to wage combat on the European mainland during the years 1944-1945.

He served in five battle campaigns in Europe, earning the Bronze Star Medal and Combat Infantryman Badge,
rising to the rank of Master Sergeant, the highest enlisted rank in the Regiment at the time.

The following monograph of MSGT Ricks' service was prepared in loving memory by his second son, Donald,
and graciously shared by him with the 1st Battalion website. It is a testament to twenty years of active duty service
of a 22nd Infantryman and ten years in the inactive reserve. The 1st Battalion website is honored to present it here in its original form.

Three of William R. Ricks' brothers also served twenty-year careers with the United States Army, and two served
in the 22nd Infantry Regiment. Three of William's sons continued their father's tradition of serving our country,
extending the Ricks family service to the United States over several generations:

Douglas F. Ricks, as an Armor Officer, completed twenty years active service, including two tours in Vietnam
as an aero-scout and command and control rotary-wing pilot: one with A Troop, 7th Air Calvary, 1968-69;
and his second tour with B Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Air Cavalry Division, 1970-71.

Donald M. Ricks, an Infantry Officer, completed twenty-three years active service, including two tours in Southeast Asia
as a fixed-wing pilot: one with the 220th Aviation Company, "Catkillers" (and later with the Command Aircraft Company),
in 1969-70; and one tour as Section Commander, Joint Casualty Resolution Center Flight Support Section, 70th Aviation Detachment,
Thailand, in 1974-75.

James W. Ricks, a Lance Corporal, served with elements of the 3rd Marine Division in I Corps area at Con Thien, Vietnam, in 1967.





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MSGT William R. Ricks






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