1st Battalion 22nd Infantry

Kuhn's Story Vietnam 1971-1972


Robert (Bob) Kuhn

3rd Platoon Company B 1/22 Infantry

1st Field Force (IFFV) 1971-1972


Robert Kuhn next to the sign outside the barracks at Tuy Hoa
for 3rd Platoon Company B 1/22 Infantry



Dear Friends,

It has been 40 years now since I left Nam and as you know
memories tend to fade and blend together over time.

The historical summaries on this website along
with the dates on my letters to home have helped me to record
my memories in what I believe to be the
proper time sequence that they occurred in.
I am grateful to the authors that preserved the historical summaries.

The portion of my story that is posted here is the "readers digest" version.
I have edited it and shortened it so that
it is more relevant to and appropriate for this website.

Most of the photos are from my personal album.
The rest I have acknowledged with a
reference to their source.

Please feel free to contact me via email with your comments.
Thank You for your interest.

Robert Kuhn 2012

E-MAIL: ranger_2006@verizon.net








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