1st Battalion 22nd Infantry



Company B 22nd Infantry Fort McPherson, Georgia



The photo below is a Company portrait of Company B 22nd Infantry
identified as being taken at Fort McPherson, Georgia.

The photo is undated. The mix of model 1917 and model 1918 uniforms worn by the soldiers
suggest the photo was taken before the issue of the model 1926 uniform, which would reasonably
date the photo as being circa 1922-1928.

Elements of the 22nd Infantry were stationed at Fort McPherson from June 1922 to July 1940.





The inscription inked on the front of the photo identifying it as
Company B 22nd Infantry Fort McPherson, Georgia









Note Lieutenant sitting in front row on far right.



Sitting in the front row on the far right is the 1st Sergeant of the Company.
To his right the Lieutenant is most likely the Company Commander.



Note the service stripes on the lower left sleeve of the Sergeants sitting in the front row.
Each stripe indicates three years of service. The inverted chevrons on the lower left sleeve
of the Corporal in the middle row on the far left are overseas service chevrons, indicating
that he served for 1 years overseas in World War I.












Photo from the webmaster's collection






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