1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


News Articles 1966-1967





Above articles courtesy of the Richard Bagley family via Bob Harik.






Prepared by the Army, these "scrapbooks"
were available to enlisted men and officers
upon completing their tours of duty in Vietnam.

The Army would pick articles and photos
from stateside newspapers and service
news, and compile them into "editions".

Each "edition" was three to seven pages,
and included material concerning
a specific unit, in this case the
4th Infantry Division.

The following are items from those
4th Div "scrapbooks" covering the years
1966-1967, which feature 1/22 Infantry.

Where possible, names of the newspapers
and dates of the article are given.



The Oregonian March 23, 1967

On the right is Captain Chris Keuker of A Company 1/22 Infantry




Seattle Times November 8, 1966








Better scan of article photo from above showing David Meadows of B 1/22 Infantry
as it appeared in IVY LEAF Vol. 1, No. 39 August 6, 1967





The Oregonian March 2, 1967








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