1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Charles W. Temple

22nd US Infantry


Company E 22nd Infantry Soldiers Memorial Print



Charles W. Temple served twenty-eight years in the United States Army under the alias of Austin Park.
Twenty-two of those years were spent in the 22nd Infantry.



The Company E 22nd US Infantry Memorial Print from the estate of Charles W. Temple,
commemorating the service of Company E in the Spanish American War.




The figure of Columbia ( a popular term for the United States of the time)
sits above portraits of President William McKinley (left) and General of the Armies Nelson Miles (right).
Columbia is flanked by her Soldiers and she is handing the laurel wreath of victory to her wounded Soldier.




In the far left American troops in full field gear march off from their encampment,
guarded by the might of the US Navy in the waters offshore.




On the right US troops in parade dress stand in formation.
They wear the model 1895 forage cap, sometimes called the "pillbox" cap.





The Headquarters section of Company E.

Charles W. Temple is listed as a Corporal using his alias of Austin Park.

Sergeant Patrick Malone would die of dysentery in the Philippines on May 7, 1900.

Shown at the bottom is the Regimental Staff, led by LTC John Patterson
who took over the Regiment after the promotion of COL Charles Wikoff.
Just below his name is Major William H. Van Horne who took command
of the 22nd Infantry in Cuba after Patterson was wounded at El Caney.




Listing of Privates in the Company.

Arthur Hallenbach would die of tuberculosis in the Philippines on December 15, 1899.
(His name would be variously recorded as Hollenbach and Hollanbach.)

Denny Hayes would die of malaria in the Philippines on May 22, 1899.

Charles Moore would die of dysentery in the Philippines on February 1, 1900.

John Smith would be killed in action in the Philipines near Taguig March 18, 1899.





Ira Sackrider is listed above
on the Memorial Print in the
list of Privates of E Company.

In 1908 he received the
Spanish Campaign Medal
after he had left the 22nd Infantry
and become a member
of the 9th Infantry.

Left: The official paperwork for his Medal.
Note he is recorded as having been in
Company E 22nd Infantry at the time he
earned the medal.

Sackrider served in the Army for 15 years.
He was in the 22nd Infantry for the first 6
of those years, serving with the Regiment
in Cuba and the Philippines.

Right: The Spanish Campaign Medal
awarded to Ira Sackrider.

The ribbon is the first issue type
and was officially replaced with a
yellow and blue ribbon
after 1913.






----------------Bottom left of print gives list of E Company lost to the War--------Bottom right of print gives list of battles in which Company E participated




Bottom of print shows US and Cuban troops attacking Spanish positions,
flanked by portraits of General William Shafter (left) and Commodore George Dewey (right).

Legend at bottom of print states:

"Headquarters 22nd INFANTRY
-----------------------------------------------Fort Crook, Nebraska, December 13, 1898

An order has been received from the War Department to prepare
to leave for Manila, Philippine Islands."






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