1st Battalion 22nd Infantry






SSG Alex Scarbrough (Company K 22nd Infantry Regiment) and brother Bill
Photo taken in England


Military Record from Jan. 8, 1938 to Feb. 1, 1946


Sworn in Jan. 8, 1938 at Ft. McClellan, Ala.

Taken eight weeks basic training. Was them shipped to O.D. & R.D., Brooklyn, N.Y. Spent six weeks there.
Then boarded the U.S.A.T. St. Micheil, for Canal Zone. Arrived in Canal Zone May 6, 1938.
Was assigned to Co. A. 14
th Inf. Did a two year hitch with Co. A. 14th Inf. Returned to U.S. in May 1940.
Was discharged May 26. Reenlisted May 29 at Ft. Moultice, SC. Was given 60 day furlough.
Returned to Ft. McClellan, Ala July 24, 1940 & was assigned to Co. K. 22
nd Inf.
Went to La. for maneuvers in August, 1940. Promoted from Pvt. to P.F.C. Sept. 1, 1940.
nd Inf. made part of the 4th Mtzd. Div. Moved to Ft. Benning, GA, Harmmy Church area Feb. 21, 1941.
Promoted to Corporal July 15, 1941. Taken part in La. Manuvers Aug. 1941. Returned to Ft. Benning 1
st Sept.
rd Bn of 22nd Inf. was formed into 4th A.T. Bn. P.M.D. Manuvered in N.C. & S.C. in Nov. 1941 as such.
Returned to Benning Co. K. was split up & Co. B. 654 T.D. Bn. was formed from Co. K.
A cadie remained for Co. K. I remained in Co. K. 22
nd Inf. Moved to Camp Gordon, GA Dec. 26, 1941.
Promoted to Sgt. March 9, 1942. Demoted to Pvt. 1
st June/42.
Went to N.C. for Manuvers. July made P.F.C. 10
th July. Returned to Camp 27th July. Promoted to Sgt. Aug. 31.
Moved to Ft. Dix, N.J. April 1943. Range fireing & assault training, moved to Camp Gordon Johnson, Fla.
Sept. 1943 amphibious training 30 days. 1
st Dec. moved to Ft. Jackson, S.C. Promoted to S/Sgt. Jan 2, 1944.
Received new clothing & equipment. Jan 8, went to Camp Kilmer, N.J. Left Kilmer Jan. 17
th 1944.
Boarded the Cape Town Castle sailed Jan 18, 1944. Arrived Liverpool, England Jan 29.
Disembarked Jan. 30 went by train to South Brent, Eng. Billkitted there until 15
th May 1944.
Went into Marshalling area at Torquay, Eng. Remained there until June 4.
We boarded that ship for D. Day trip across the English Channell. June 6, 1944.
A day to never be forgotten. We went “over the side” into assault barges about 6 a.m.  
About 8 a.m. my co. hit Normandy Beach in the 2
nd wave. Nothing much happened.
st day advanced about 4 miles toward Cherbaurg, France. Spent 1st night in German Dugout.
nd morning started off with a bang & boom of 88’s. Started our advance about 10 a.m.  
I stepped on shoe mine & my left foot was shattered. I was removed to the war aid station.
Spent one night June 7. in Evac. Hosp. June 8. was put aboard LST
& returned to England to 315 Sta. Hosp. arrived at 76 Gen. Hosp. June 10.
  G.G. set in & my left leg was amputated June 13, 1944 by Lt. Col. Karbaugh, M.C.
  Left 76 G.H. July 26, went to 93
rd G.H. spent 3 days in 93rd.
Was put on VSHS Wisteria July 30, arrived in US Aug. 13,
spent 4 days at Stark Gen. Hosp. Charleston, SC   Was sent to Lawson Gen. Atlanta, GA
where I remained until I was discharged Feb. 1, 1946. Was fitted with Prosithesis Nov 27, 1945.
Received C.D.D. Feb 1, 1946. Completing my Military career of eight years & twenty four days.
Held the rank of Staff Sargent when discharged.

My discharged record is recorded at county court house,
Chatom in office of Probate Judge of Washington C., Ala. in Volume 3 on page 150.

(written March 24, 1946)


                                                                   Alex J. Scarbrough                                                              

     Chatom, Washington Co., Ala                                                                  March 24, 1946

(this is a separate page in his journal book)

Spent one June 7, night in Evac. Hosp. in France. Left France June 8 on an LST.
Arrived in Eng. June 9, was carried by ambulance to 315
th Station Hosp. Spent one night there.
Went by train June 10 to 76
th Gen. Hosp. Leg was amputated June 13, 1944.
th group left in July. 135 G.H. taken over. Left 135th July 26. Arrived 93 G.H. same day.
Left 93
rd G.H. July 29 by train to Liver Pool.   Embarked on Hosp. Ship “Wisteria” July 30.  
Arrived Stark Gen. Hosp. Charleston Aug. 13, 1944 and left Stark G.H. by train.
Arived Lawson Gen. Hosp. Atlanta, GA Aug. 18, 0500 a.m.
Discharged from Lawson Gen. Hosp. Atlanta, GA & U.S. Army Feb. 1, 1946




To PFC Sept. 2, 1940

To Corporal July 15, 1941

To Sgt. March 19, 1942

From Sgt. to Pvt. June 1, 1942

To PFC July 1942

To Sgt. Aug. 30, 1942

To Staff Sgt. Jan. 2, 1944


Camps Post & Stations:

Ft. McClellan, Anniston, Ala

O.D. & R. Depot, Brooklyn, NY

Ft. Daws C.Z., Cristobal, C.Z.

Ft. Moultice, Charleston, S.C.

Ft. McClellan, Anniston, Ala.

Ft. Benning, Columbus, GA

Camp Gordon, Augusta, GA

Ft. Dix, Trenton, N.J.

Camp Gordon Johnston, Carrabelle, Fla

Ft. Jackson, Columbia, S.C.

Camp Kilmer, Jersey City, N.J.

Camp X, South Brent, England

Camp Y.Z., Sorquay, England

76 & 135 Gen. Hosp., Herford, England

93rd G.H., Malulen, England

Stark Gen. Hosp, Charleston, S.C.

Lawson Gen. Hosp., Atlanta, Ga. 8/18/44 to 2/1/46


Alex Scarbrough

Alex Scarbrough




Two photos of Alex Scarbrough in Panama, 1938




Born: April 25, 1913 Yellow Pine, Washington County, AL

Died: September 17, 1963 Chatom, Wash. Co. AL


A.J. Scarbrough enrolled July 13, 1935 at Mobile, Alabama for the Civilian Conservation Corps.  
Discharged March 31, 1936, due to expiration of term of enrollment, did not desire to re-enroll.

Alex J. Scarbrough, Army Serial #6930304, enlisted January 8, 1938 at Fort McClellan, Anniston, Alabama, did 8 weeks basic training.

March 1938 was shipped to O.D. & R.D., Brooklyn, NY, 6 weeks there

May 1938 Boarded the U.S.A.T. St. Michael for Canal Zone

May 6, 1938 arrived in Ft. Daws, Cristabal, Canal Zone, assigned to Co. A, 14th Inf. for 2 years

He was qualified in arms: Marksman, Rifle, Sept. 27, 1939.   R.H. Chance, Major, 8th Inf.


Alex Scarbrough in Panama


May 1940 returned to U.S.

May 26, 1940 Discharged completing 2 years, 4 months, 19 days of service – Lieut. Col. CAV (DOL) (RS) J.E. Slack, at Fort Moultrie, SC

May 29, 1940 Re-enlisted at Ft. Moultrie, Charleston, SC and was given a 60 day furlough

July 24, 1940 Returned to Ft. McClellon, Alabama and assigned to Co. K, 22nd Inf

August 1940 went to Louisiana for Maneuvers

September 1, 1940 Promoted from Private to Private First Class

February 21, 1941 22nd Inf. was made part of 4th Motorized Division, moved to Ft. Benning, Columbus, GA, the Harmony Church area

July 15, 1941 Promoted to Corporal

August 1941 Took part in Louisiana Maneuvers

September 1, 1941 Returned to Ft. Benning

November, 1941 3rd Battalion of 22nd Inf. was formed into 4th A.T. Bn. P.M.D. Maneuvered in North Carolina and South Carolina;
returned to Ft. Benning, Co. K was split up and Co. B, 654 T.D. Bn. formed from Co. K;
a Cadie remained for Co. K and he remained in Co. K, 22nd Inf.

December 26, 1941 Moved to Camp Gordon, Augusta, GA

March 9, 1942 Promoted to Sergeant

June 1, 1942 Demoted to Private   went to North Carolina for Maneuvers

July 10, 1942 Made Private First Class

July 27, 1942 Returned to Camp Gordon

August 31, 1942 Promoted to Sergeant

April 1943 Moved to Ft. Dix, N.J., Range firing and assault training

September 1943 Moved to Camp Gordon, Johnston, Florida for amphibious training for 30 days

December 1, 1943 Moved to Ft. Jackson, Columbia, SC

January 2, 1944 Promoted to Staff Sergeant, received new clothing and equipment

January 8, 1944 Went to Camp Kilmer, Jersey City, NJ

January 17, 1944 left Camp Kilmer

January 18, 1944 Boarded the Cape Town Castle, sailed for England

January 29, 1944 Arrived in Liverpool, England

January 30, 1944 Disembarked and went by train to Camp X, South Brent, England

May 15, 1944 Went into Marshalling Area at Camp YZ, Torquay, England

June 4, 1944 Boarded ship for D Day trip across the English Channel

June 6, 1944 Went over the side of ship into assault barges about 6 a.m.; about 8 a.m. my company hit Normandy Beach in the 2nd wave;
1st day went about 4 miles toward Cherbaugh, France (nothing much happened), spent night in German Dugout

June 7, 1944 The 2nd morning started off with a bang and boom of 88’s; started advancing about 10 a.m.;
then I (my dad) stepped on a shoe mine and left foot was shattered; was removed to the War Aid Station, spent 1 night

June 8, 1944 Was moved to the Evacuation Hospital and put aboard the LST and returned to England to the 315 Station Hospital

June 10, 1944 Arrived at General Hospital, gangrene set in

June 13, 1944 Leg was amputated by Lt. Col. Karbaugh, M.C.

June 26, 1944 Left 76th & 135th General Hospital, Herford, England and went to 93rd General Hospital, Maluern, England

July 30, 1944 Put on the VSHS Wisteria

August 13, 1944 Arrived in U.S. spent 4 days at Stark General in Charleston, SC

August 18, 1944 Sent to Lawson General Hospital, Atlanta, GA and remained until discharged from hospital

November 27, 1945 Fitted with prosthesis.

February 1, 1946 Discharged from Hospital and received C.D.D., completing Military Career of 8 years, 24 days –
held the rank of Staff Sergeant and with Co. K, 22nd Infantry when discharged.

NOTE: The above was taken from Daddy’s Journal written by him March 24, 1946 after was discharged.

NOTE:   This was taken from Daddy’s Discharge Papers.

After Basic Training, he served as Rifleman with the Infantry for 3 years and then Squad Leader in combat in European Theater.
  He carried out orders of Platoon Sergeant and Platoon Leader in capturing and holding positions against the enemy;
instructed troops in use of weapons, including rifle, mortars, machine guns and bazooka;
patrolled behind enemy lines for information, using compass and maps.

Daddy’s specialty was Squad Leader 745,   Was awarded: Purple Heart GO #19, Combat Infantry Badge,
European African Middle East Campaign Medal, one Battle Star, Good Conduct Medal,
American Defense Medal, American Service and WWII Victory Medal.


(Ed., The above listing of awards is incomplete. See the graphic below.)



Alex Scarbrough's decorations







Alex J. Scarbrough

Married November 6, 1948 Georgia Mae (Enlow) Rawlings, a widow with 3 children.

Licensed to preach December 26, 1948 by Rev . J.W. Singley, Wagar, AL

Daddy was a “Lay Preacher” before going into the Army.


Journal, notes and photos courtesy of Barbara (Rawlings) Waddell, stepdaughter of Alex J. Scarbrough






Alex J. Scarbrough died on September 17, 1963 at the age of 50.

He is buried in Laton Hill Cemetery,
Laton Hill, Washington County, Alabama


Grave marker for Alex J. Scarbrough

Photo by Ashlea Singleton from the Find A Grave website










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