1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


1-22 Infantry Rotation 2007

August 2007



The Soldiers of the 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry Regiment (1-22) recently completed training at the National Training Center (NTC),
Fort Irwin California. The training simulated a deployment into the current combat environment of Iraq.
The Soldiers participated in continuous platoon, company, and battalion level operations during their two weeks "in the box".
During the first week "in the box" each company received training in different COIN scenarios.
In the med-trauma lane soldiers were required to respond to a mass-casualty incident involving civilians and Soldiers
while providing immediate first-aid, medevac requests, and security. During the Counter IED lane Soldiers were trained on signs
and suspicious activity that would suggest the presence of an IED. Soldiers were also required to take proper actions upon IED discovery.
On the dismounted patrol lane Soldiers learned proper patrolling techniques for patrolling in an urban environment including cordon and search.
During the mounted patrol lane the Soldiers reviewed correct procedures for reaction to contact and IED detonation or identification.
The second week "in the box" provided a realistic training environment requiring twenty-four hour battalion level operations.
As the Brigade's main effort the battalion was tasked to secure its AO to allow government and Iraqi Security Forces
the capability to take the lead in providing for essential services and security of their area.
Each company was given a different area of operation and mission. Alpha company was tasked with securing the provincial capital of Medina Jabal
and the local government center. Alpha achieved this through dismounted patrols and security checkpoints throughout Medina Jabal,
with the help of Iraqi Police and Iraqi Army units. Bravo Company, in the south, was tasked with securing the town of Abar Layla
using similar tactics and techniques. Charlie and Delta companies conducted mounted patrols
in the northern and southern vicinities of the area of operations respectively.

Echo Engineers was tasked with training the nearby Iraqi Army unit on proper tactics,
techniques, and procedures. In general, platoon and company level operations
consisted of dismounted patrols in Iraqi villages and surrounding areas.
Additionally, mounted patrols conducted route clearance and security operations
throughout the area of operations. The Soldiers from every company were successful
in conducting counterinsurgency operations. All companies located weapons caches,
conducted cordon and searches, and integrated the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police
into the coalition fight. Furthermore, 1-22's Alpha and Bravo companies
both had platoons operating with Iraqi Police out of Joint Security Stations
that have become integral to the coalition fight in Iraq
and presented a great training opportunity for the Regulars.
At battalion level, civil military operations were planned and then executed
at the company level in Medina Jabal and Abar Layla. The battalion was successful
in providing money for many projects including long-term water treatment
and containment facilities in both towns. 1-22 IN was also the main effort
of the culminating mission which was a brigade level operation.
The mission consisted of integrating the Iraqi Security Forces, both Iraqi Police
and Iraqi Army, with coalition forces in the city of Medina Jabal.
The battalion provided security in and around the town of Medina Jabal,
and in Medina Jabal West so the Iraqi Minister of Municipalities could perform
a ribbon cutting ceremony at a new building in Medina Jabal west.
Despite significant enemy attacks, the Regulars accomplished their mission
and local government officials conducted the ceremony.


At the conclusion of operations the Soldiers of 1-22 Infantry were commended for their discipline and execution
from the OCs, the Brigade Commander, the Commander of the Operations Group, and the Fort Irwin Commanding General.

"Regulars by God!"
Matthew Elledge, LTC, Commanding



The above article is from the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society Newsletter, Issue 03-07 Fall 2007



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