1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Map of the El Caney and Santiago Campaigns 1898



The map is oriented with North at the top.

The small inset at the bottom right of the map shows the location of Daiquiri, where the 22nd Infantry landed
on June 22, being the first US Regiment to unfurl their colors on Cuban soil.
From Daiquiri the 22nd marched to Siboney, where Company B, under CPT Crittenden, captured the first Spanish colors taken in the war.
Then on to Las Guasimas, Sevilla and El Pozo, where, as part of Lawton's 2nd Division, they struck out through jungle trails,
to attack El Caney, while the other two Divisions of Shafter's 5th Corps continued down the road to San Juan Hill.

On the main map, near the top, can be seen the positions of the 22nd Infantry, to the south and southwest of El Caney,
where they were placed to block any movement of the Spaniards toward Santiago.
After the victory at El Caney the 22nd moved into positions north and northeast of Santiago, where they joined the attack
and remained until the surrender of the city.





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