1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Fort Jackson To England 1944



The Capetown Castle

The entire 22nd Infantry Regiment sailed aboard this ship to England in January 1944.
The ship sailed from the port of New York on January 17 and docked at Liverpool, England on January 29.

Photo postcard from Simplon - The Passenger Ship Website



The documents on this page relate in detail the movements and activities of the 22nd Infantry
as it deployed overseas in World War II.

The narrative covers the move from Fort Jackson, South Carolina in January 1944 to Fort Dix, New Jersey and the voyage
across the Atlantic Ocean to England. It continues with training in England and ends with the Regiment boarding the ships
for transport across the English Channel to France.

These documents are scanned from the original pages in the National Archives of the official history of the 22nd Infantry Regiment
as reported by the Regiment to the Army's organizational unit for history.

They are presented here thanks to the efforts of Bill Andrews, the author of David Andrews The Road from Calendonia to Canisy
One Man's Journey from Home Through World War II And Back
and through the efforts of John and Gladys King.











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