1st Battalion 22nd Infantry



1-22 Infantry Recon Squad 1993



In 2005 the United States Army Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia commissioned
an update to the original study of infantry operations done in 1934, which compared
personal experiences learned in actual combat to those taught in classroom at Army
schools. With the emergence of the Global War on Terror, those experiences expanded
the kinds of operations carried out by today's Infantry formations, presenting new roles
performed by them in the changing environment that is today's battlefield.

Infantry In Battle was published in August 2005 as a collection of studies of personal
experience monographs and personal accounts of Infantry operations in today's widely
differing theaters and scenarios in which the U.S. Army Infantry has been utilized.

To lead off the chapter in Infantry In Battle concerning reconnaissance, an episode
encountered by 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry during its deployment to Somalia was
presented illustrating the importance of ground reconnaissance before a combat operation.

The 1st Squad of Scout Platoon, HHC 1-22 Infantry was chosen to recon the area
selected for an operation on June 12, 1993. The results of that reconnaissance and
conclusions drawn for it are presented in the following excerpt from Infantry In Battle .








To download the entire book Infantry In Battle click on the following link:

Infantry In Battle









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