1st Battalion 22nd Infantry



E/FSC Maintenance Platoon Newsletter


May 2008


The Quiet Professionals That Keep Task Force 1-22 Infantry Regiment Rolling In Baghdad


The E/FSC maintenance platoon has been hard at work since their boots hit the ground in mid-March. The platoon has settled in at FOB Falcon
and the motor pool is very busy.   Each maintenance section has come together to accomplish the vital task of keeping Task Force 1-22 rolling along.  
2LT John Leever has come aboard as the new Maintenance Platoon Leader.   He is teaming up with his fellow Soldiers and NCOs
in order to learn how the maintenance sections work hard to achieve the demanding jobs they face daily.   The following are just some of the tough tasks
the platoon has been knocking out and conquering as we go around the motor pool to prove just that.


Wheel Section: SSG Rodriquez and his team have been maintaining QAQC (quality assurance for quality control) for the vehicles they service.
  They do thorough technical inspections to insure the scouts and mortar teams have maximum effect for completing their missions.  
Recently they replaced a generator and a differential on an 1152 HMMWV, an engine in a HEMMT, an engine in a PLS,
and rear axles on two MRAPS.   I understand that you may or may not understand some of the acronyms in this newsletter
but do understand that your Soldier is working hard for the Battalion.


A/C Section: The Air Condition shop will be gainfully employed as we roll into summer.   SGT Lanier and his Soldiers work on vehicles
for E/FSC and HHC.   The new 1151s have been challenging because the a/c components are located under the rear wheel well of the vehicle.
  They fill coolant if needed and keep the warriors at FOB Falcon cool when traveling.
  They are extremely essential when fighting a war in a brutal desert climate.


Generator Shop:   SGT Ferguson and his team keep the electricity flowing by keeping the generators bustling.
  They recently finished repairs on a 10K and 3K generator.   Also, they are currently conducting radiator engine services for HHC and E/FSC.


Track Section:   SSG Colon and his team of Soldiers continually service multiple tactical vehicles for E/FSC and HHC.
  HHC is preparing to take over mortar operations and mechanics the have been busy insuring the M113A3 Armored Personnel Carriers
are up to full mission capability.   Over the past month they have replaced an engine in a Track Recovery vehicle
(our version of a track vehicle tow-truck).   This is a new experience for many of the track personnel creating a great teaching tool
for the Non-Commissioned Officers supervising the operations.   Presently they continue to uphold 100% Full Mission Capability status
and look forward to the challenges that will surely come their way.


MCS & PLL:   1LT Parrish and his office of hard workers have been establishing preventive maintenance throughout the motor pool.  
They state that the best method of keeping the fleet running is through proper maintenance and genuine care for the vehicles.
The MCS has developed a service schedule that helps facilitate and support mechanics for better work production.  
Another big area of fleet management is maintained through stock piles of commonly defective parts on each companies shop stock listings.
  Ensuring the quality of fleet is high priority and an effort that involves all levels of leadership and personnel.


Recovery & Welding:   This past month held the most difficult recovery mission for any group of maintenance Soldiers
that they could ever deal with mentally and emotionally.   The passing of two Soldiers, killed in action, required all personnel to come together
and recover the destroyed MRAP in Southern Baghdad.   It was a dangerous mission, but the outstanding Soldiers of E/FSC put the mission first
to get the job done and bring back their fallen comrades.


Well we have taken a look at some of the duties and the dedication it takes to keep the war here in Baghdad moving in a positive direction
as a Forward Support Company.   Challenges will arise and we will work to fix them and keep on Soldiering.
  May God continue to bless “Task Force 1-22” as we continue our pursuit of making Iraq better one day at a time.









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