1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Company E Memorial Poster 1917


Memorial posters were a popular souvenir of military service from the time of the Spanish American War
through the end of World War I. The posters featured patriotic and historical backgrounds and decorations,
and in many cases, a roster of the Company in which a Soldier served.

The following poster is for Company E 22nd Infantry, while it was stationed at Fort Niagara, New York, in 1917.


The poster for Company E




The military theme of the poster is evident.
The female figure at the top with the US flag is Columbia, centered in the flags
of the Allied nations who fought in Europe.

Columbia was a popular nickname for the United States around the turn of the 20th century.




The left side of the poster. All the men in the Company are listed.




The right side of the poster.
Note the "Remarks" columns, where men who were killed in action could be noted as such.
Of course, the 22nd Infantry did not see action in World War I.




The bottom of the poster. The patriotic theme contains President George Washington on the left,
President Abraham Lincoln on the right and President Woodrow Wilson in the center.
The symbols at the bottom are the coats of arms of various Allied Nations of World War I.




The blank space was for the portrait of
Company E's Commanding Officer, 1st Lieutenant Daniel S. Appleton,
whose photo obviously was not available in time for the printing of the poster.




Daniel Sidney Appleton

Commanding Officer of Company E
when the poster was made in 1917.

This photo of Appleton was taken
in 1920, in front of his residence at Fort Jay,
New York. Appleton was a Captain by this time.





Publishing information in the bottom right hand corner of the poster,
giving the date as 1917.






Poster and photo of CPT Appleton from the webmaster's collection








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